The Grand Budapest Hotel Alternative poster + portrait

This alternative poster version is my tribute to the great movie : The Grand Budapest Hotel by "Wes Anderson".
The particular mood of the movie is very inspiring and i wanted to try to translate the universe through this painting.
If you didn't saw it yet , i recommend to watch it, it's visually very attractive !
This poster was made in 2 steps: 
1 - I've created the background with the landscape and the hotel using illustrator, this is all vectors done in illustrator , then i imported the background ( that can work on its own as a poster too) and i've painted the character of Zero played by "Tony Revolori" as for me it represent well the identity of the movie. 
special framing for the poster, i really wanted to show vertically the feeling of "height" of the hotel in the montain. Also as the hotel contains a lot of details i wanted to show it and don't superpose the character and the detailled background. 
Vector poster of the original poster, the building and all the background except the sky were created in adobe illustrator 
A more classic framing for the poster
Detail of the portrait
details of the building i've tried to respect the original version of it
Detail of the hotel, i stylized the building using "flat vector" look
Detail of the main door entrance of the hotel
If you'd like to buy this poster, you can order it as a Displate (Thin metal poster) over here : 

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I hope you enjoyed this project, hope it was useful or cool to take a look at.
If you want to see more about my work and illustrations,
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