Stranger Things Alternative poster Art.

I've recently discovered this TV serie created by Netflix and i got instantly amazed by the visual atmosphere of it. Influenced by Retro masterpieces movies like : E.T , The Goonies , Alien and 80/90's visuals, i was convinced by it on the 1st episode. 
I decided to create a graphic tribute by creating this Alternative poster .
I'm presenting this project with some WIP images details and inspiration to create it.
Don't hesitate to comment and ask if you have questions on this.
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Thanks for watching this project. I hope you enjoyed it. 
This Doctor Strange Alternative Poster was created using Adobe photoshop + adobe Illustrator + a graphic tablet.
Metal poster available to buy here :
  If you would like to purchase this Artwork as a "Fine Art poster " or "Framed" print you can order it on my website :
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