Memoirs Of A Geisha Alternative movie poster

"Memoirs of a geisha" tribute Alternative poster 
I recently watched this awesome movie by the director "Rob Richards" starring "Zhang Ziyi", "Ken Watanabe" ,"Gong Li"  and usic by John Williams . 
I've heard about it some years ago but never had the opportunity to watch it until now.
I really enjoyed this poetic movie because images , landscapes, music and story are all great.
This painting and alternative version of the movie poster is my tribute to it. Hope you will like it and if you do, watch this movie ! 
Thanks for stopping by my project !
Alternative version poster of memoirs of a geisha
Some few close ups and details of the painting. I wanted a graphic style for the main face of the poster, i've added a soft and semi transparent  "japanese pattern texture" and also some semi transparent blossoms that are part of the Japanese identity.
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I hope you enjoyed this project.
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