"Her" alternative poster digital portrait

I've recently painted this new portrait as a tribute to the movie "her" that i liked a lot.
I've tried for this attempt to paint with colors ( shapes are defined with color saturation and brightness / luminosity ) 
I think i'll explore more of this in the future cause there's a lot to experiment with this.
Hope you will like it and thanks for stopping by my profile and work !
Her  "Joaquin Phoenix" portrait  alternative version poster
Original sketch, and black/white version. I've painted the color version following this previous base. 
If you want to buy this poster , you can order it as a Displate (Thin metal poster) over here :

If you would like to purchase this Artwork as a "Fine Art poster ", you can order it on my website : 

I hope you enjoyed this project, hope it was useful or cool to take a look at.
If you want to see more about my work and illustrations,
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