2016 illustrations - Make Up For Ever

In this project i'm presenting a part of the commissions done for the French make-up company "Make Up For Ever" in 2016. I've been asked to work on a  serie of lips illustrations . Each illustration is inspired by their official logo ( A mouth holding a brush ) but illustrated in various styles, materials and for specific events.
I had a lot of fun and pleasure to illustrate these lips and i hope you'll enjoy discover them.
Some of the Lips were accepted and some others were not.

Halloween Lips      :
Neon Lips      :
Alternative version of the Neon lips. For this version i was inspired by the mood of the movie "Blade Runner" using rain over neons and representing raindrops hitting the neon tube.
Christmas Lips      :
On these christmas lips, i was inspired by Christmas tree and the star that people usually put at the top of the tree. It was also a good way to play with lights and symbols of christmas like mistletoe leaves.I've worked on a glossy and sparkly golden lips for this version. 
Gemstones Lips      :
For this gemstone version i was inspired a lot by all those precious stones, made to create jewelry. Carved , polished and transformed into precious treasures by talented jewelers. This was the perfect time to work on reflections and sparkles effects mixed with various stones colors found in several gemstones like : diamond, ruby, topaze, emerald ...
Golden chrome Lips      :
The challenge in this version was trying to recreate the reflexion feel of the chrome on this particular lips shapes, i've used contrasted dark tones associated with very bright yellows and a bit of pure white to create the visual sensation of the reflexion.
Brush colorful Lips      :
For this version , i had to work on an Artistic version and interpretation of the lips and i was influenced by pigments and colors used in the cosmetics. 
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